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The Messenger By Steve Francis

Hi Peeps

Well, you’ve seen the videos, the many posts about playing live, the album release, future events etc etc…But what you haven’t seen is behind the scenes of how we (H A L O) came up with the artwork for this album, and indeed our previous release F A L L E N A N G E L.

Lady’s and Gents, Boys and Girls this is the story of The Messenger Artwork. Artist (and drummer) Steve Francis is the man responsible, and I took the opportunity this weekend to catch up with Steve at H A L O S T U D I O S to discuss a bit of music, a bit of art and as always, the funnier side of life. During the chat Steve tells of his early life in music and art, and what things influenced both his painting and drumming. He also gives us a glimpse into the future with what his plans are for the coming year in both fields.

The interview is available on the link below, I’ll add to different media as the opportunity arises. The photos below are the stages of the artwork Steve sent to the band via our WhatsApp group, and you can really see the development of the project over time. The Finished painting is available via eBay (link below)

The Interview

To Buy

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