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Halo - Fallen Angel - MP3 Download


Fallen Angel  - From the Sky

Rich Boy

Somebody to Love

Fathers Son

I See You Through Me



Please Help Me Defend

Fallen Angel Pt ii  - On the Streets

I’m Finally Me

Take my life Away

My Heart resigned so Blue

The World inside of me

A Million times that I have Tried

Feel The World Around me

Take Me Away

Round and Round the World We Go

Love Without a Fight


Halo Are:

Simon Talbot - Vocals/Guitars/Keys

Christian Merrick - Bass Guitar

Steve Francis -  Drums/Percussion

John Whitehead - Guitars/Keys


© 2021 All rights reserved by the copyright owners

2021 Halo Band London

Published by Halo Music Production


HMCD 004541


Fallen Angel - MP3 Download

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